About San Diego PCT Sloggers

Who Are The San Diego PCT Sloggers?

We are a family hiking team from San Diego who enjoys spending time outside as much as we can. Find out information about our individual team members below.

Gary Funk

Gary first hiked the PCT with his brother Steve (Lora’s dad – see below) 40 years ago in 1975.  The two of them formed a group with three other hikers that conquered the Continental Divide Trail in 1979, skiing from the northern border in March.  His girlfriend Sandy, joined in on the fun.  They married afterwards having Marissa and Erik whom they introduced to the outdoors at an early age.  Gary has practiced optometry since 1983 and has worked for Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical group in La Mesa the last 20 years.

Gary Funk in the Mount Laguna Recreation Area
Gary Funk in Yosemite National Park.

Jon Adams

Jon is originally from Northern California but moved to San Diego in 2005 to attend San Diego State University. After graduating in 2008 he never left and now does his best imitation of a local, even marrying a born and raised San Diegan (Marissa). The PCT will be Jon’s longest backpacking trip.

Jon Adams atop El Cajon Mountain in San Diego.
Jon Adams atop El Cajon Mountain in San Diego.

Lora Funk

Lora is the youngest member of the team and is finishing up her undergraduate studies at Pitzer College in Claremont, CA. She enjoys spending much of her time hiking and camping and has a long history in the outdoors dating back to her time as a Girl Scout. Lora will be the pace setter for the group as she’ll have to get back down south in time for the Fall Semester!

Lora Funk leads the way!
Lora Funk leads the way!

Marissa Adams

When Marissa isn’t molding the minds of America’s youth as a teacher she enjoys hiking, camping and rock climbing as much as possible. She’ll be joining the team once the school year lets out and hiking for the month of July.

Marissa Adams monkeying around in Mission Gorge in San Diego.
Marissa Adams monkeying around in Mission Gorge in San Diego.

Erik Funk

Erik is an avid hiker and mountaineer. He has spent time on many trails including the John Muir Trail and conquered all of the California 14ers in the summer of 2014 on an epic summer between undergraduate and graduate work in the natural sciences at San Diego State University.

Erik Funk stops for a 'coffee'.
Erik Funk stops for a ‘coffee’.

3 thoughts on “About San Diego PCT Sloggers

  1. Stumbled upon this site and was surprised and happy to see some names I know! You (hopefully) remember me from the sidelines of Erik’s soccer games when he played with my son Riley! I will happily follow this site as you prepare and then leave on this amazing journey!


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