Day 177: Lizard’s Finish Line! (Picture Drop!)

Today was the day I completed the Pacific Crest Trail. I had 18 miles to go from Scissors Crossing to get to Sunrise Trailhead and connect my footsteps for the entire trail. I woke up at 5:30am and we were out of our Borrego Springs house around 6am. We got to the spot where my two mothers picked me up the evening before about 6:30am and I began my hike about 10 minutes later.

The morning stretch of the hike went smoothly as the sun wasn’t terribly intense yet and by the time 9am rolled around I had already done about 8.5 miles and had only 9.5 to go. The afternoon was slightly slower as the sun and heat began to show itself more and more. My goal was to reach Sunrise Trailhead by 1pm and I ended up cruising in about 12:50pm despite the elevation gains I had to deal with the second half of the day.

Once I met my two mothers on the Sunrise Highway we were homeward bound! We got into San Diego a little after 2pm and my mother and I went to where Marissa, my wife, works so I could surprise her. I grabbed some flowers to take her as well. We had a lovely reunion while her kids were in their science class. My mother and I then went to a nearby eatery for me to get some food and wait for Marissa to get done teaching for the day and join us. It feels great to me home!

Here are some pictures from the last two days:



2 thoughts on “Day 177: Lizard’s Finish Line! (Picture Drop!)

  1. Congradulations Lizard! You uphold the term thru hiker to the respect that it deserves. Much respect to you for going back and doing the sections that you had skipped in the beginning. You will find few actually are true thru hikers for they skip to keep up. Great pictures to a wonderful blog. As time goes on you will feel much satisfaction in truely knowing you have completed the whole trail and others will know it.

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