Day 175: Lizard Homework Series Day 8 (Some Pictures!)

I hate road walking. Today was my road walk to connect my steps around the fire closure still in effect near Idyllwild. That meant I needed to connect where the PCT comes out near Paradise Valley Cafe to Humber Park. I started at Humber Park this morning since we stayed in Idyllwild last night. 

Then I walked some paved roads until I got to AstroCamp, the space camp in town.

After space camp I hit a forest service road and started to head down the hill. Eventually the road lets out on Highway 74 near Hurkey Creek Park. Here are the rest of the pictures of today’s hike:

After the highway walk I arrived at Paradise Valley Cafe just before they closed at 3pm. I had a quick bite and all the water and then threw my day pack in my mother’s car before I ran the last mile to reconnect to the PCT from the cafe. After this my mother and I drove to Temecula where we had dinner with my sister and her boyfriend.

Tomorrow my mother will drop me off at Barrel Spring along S22 so I can hike south on the PCT to Scissors Crossing where she will pick me up again and we will head down to Borrego Springs for the night. It’s nice to have my mother around to help me day hike these make up sections and get them done as quickly as possible. Only 2 more days until I get to see my lovely wife again!


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