Day 173:  Lizard Homework Series Day 6

22N60. This damned forest service road, I swear. This was the road I got sick on some 2 months ago, and it was the road I was to meet my mother on today. I woke up naturally around 6:15am and eventually got out of camp by 7:45am, knowing that it didn’t matter what time I got out because me mother wouldn’t get to our pick up spot until at least 2pm.

I arrived at forest road 22N60 at 12:15pm and killed time by calling my mother to let her know I was there, calling me wife to let her know I loved her, and calling my father to let him know I wanted to walk to him. After we chatted, my father and I, it became apparent that my mother was completely lost while trying to pick me up. So I started walking up towards Quincy-Laporte Road and made it maybe 1.5-2 miles before I got picked up by mother’s car. Thank heavens for that also, I wasn’t happy about having to rewalk the road I walked when I fell ill in 90+ degree heat, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Tomorrow we are on a true travel day so I am hoping to do a picture dump if I can find some wifi along the way. If not, patience is a virtue (that I hope you have).


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