Day 167: Family and Friends Day in Redding, CA (Some Pictures)

I spent the day visiting with my family and friends. I woke up around 8 and hung around my parents’ place and then my mom and I got ready to leave the house. We went to a sports bar in town to see if it would be a good spot for a family and friends get together. We enjoyed a nice lunch and decided it was a great spot to enjoy the Monday night football games and grab dinner and drinks. My aunt Veronica, who met us way back around Burney, CA, joined us for lunch which was nice.

After lunch we went to visit with my grandparents in town. It was my grandpa’s 83rd birthday today so it was really nice to visit with him for a while today. I was very thankful we got to see them.

After a while we got a call from my dad who was done with work and we met up with him and went to Fall River Tap House for a beer. They have a beer called Pacific Crest Ale which j felt like I needed to try given the circumstances. Afterwards, we went back to the sports bar to grab table for dinner. We had a few drinks there and then got food. Eventually, family and friends started filing in. My aunt Veronica joined us again for dinner. Family friends Todd & Debbie and Jim & Nicole also came out. My friends from way back in middle school Sean, Adam, and Brett all came out too, which was awesome. It was so good to see everyone again but also hard to leave them when we had to get home so my dad could get to bed since he gets up so early for work. I also had to get back since I have to get up and on the road to get a full day of hiking in.

Here are some pics from the gathering: 


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