Day 165: Another Travel Day

We found out that none of the rental car companies in Wenatchee, WA allow for one-way rentals. It appears their fleets are too small to lose cars to other locations. This fact locked me is both into having to find another way to get out of town. I still had the Amtrak app on my phone and checked that and found a reasonably priced ticket on a train from Wenatchee to Seattle. Unfortunately, the train left Wenatchee at the unreasonable time of 5:35am. We begrudgingly set our alarms for 4:30am and after this abrupt awakening we walked about 1.5 miles from our hotel to the train station.

We hopped on the train and were on our way west. We arrived in Seattle’s King Street station and had another 1.5 mile walk north to reach the closest car rental office. On the bright side, Pike’s Place Market wasn’t far off the walk so we stopped in for a quick touristy lunch before getting to the rental car office. The plan was to rent a car and then drop Pie off at the airport to hopefully get an earlier flight home (his isn’t scheduled until tomorrow afternoon). Turns out everybody wanted to charge $300 or more for a rental car out of Seattle to drop the car in Redding! I morally and financially could’t pay that much for a two day rental car so we scrambled to put together plan B. Pie caught the light rail straight to the airport and I booked a BoltBus to Portland for $18.50. I will either get a rental car in Portland tomorrow or hop on the train from Portland to Redding. The train doesn’t leave Portland until 2:25pm so I have some time to figure out the situation tomorrow morning before I have to fall back on the train. Oh the joys of modern travel, I should just walk it…


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