Day 164: Pie’s Finish Line! 

Just under 10 miles stood between us and High Bridge, between us and Stehekin, between Pie and the end of his trail. With clear skies, we cowboy camped last night in order to get a quick start in the morning. Pie was up and out of camp at 7am and I was about 15 minutes behind him. He had no intentions of stopping until he reached High Bridge apparently as I didn’t catch him until nearly the very end of the 10ish miles. We got to High Bridge just before 10:30am so we had 2 hours to kill before the bus to Stehekin would come around. We just mingled with the other hikers that were waiting for the bus, there was about 10 others heading into town. It seems as though the fire closure bunched up a lot of hikers in the area.

Eventually the bus shows up and we all went down to Stehekin, with a stop at the famous bakery first, of course. Once down at the landing we had just 30 minutes to kill before the ferry left for Chelan. We hopped on the boat and were on our way to town. After the long 4 hour ferry was over we happened to be waiting for our bags next to a lovely couple, Dave and Vicky, who were on their way home to Wenatchee. They offered us a ride down with them, which was incredibly nice of them and lucky for us. Turned out, after some car conversation, that they were the parents of Kyle, the guy at Arlsburg Sports in Wenatchee that stayed open after closing so I could get my bag after mine bit the big one. This family is full of saints helping us on our way, how we were lucky enough to cross paths with them twice in one hike is beyond me. Thanks universe. 

So we made it to Wenatchee and got a hotel room. Then we discovered there were no rental car places in town that had cars available for one way travel, so we started looking for alternative options. I found he Amtrak route from here to Seattle for the morning but it leaves at 5:35am, so in order to make that I have got to get to bed ASAP!


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