Day 162: Here Comes the Sun

The sun came out! It was out all day today! Pie was up and at ’em as we had a 26 mile day on the docket. He bolted out of camp by 7am. I didn’t manage to get out of camp until about 8am, this is the biggest gap between departure times we have ever had.

The day started with a climb of about 1,500 feet to the top of a ridge with some great views. It was nice to finally get a view of something as all we had been seeing was grey for days. I took about an hour at the top to dry out my tent and ground cloth giving Pie an even larger head start on me. After my break I cruised down to Milk Creek that was down in the valley after the morning’s climb. This was a brief drop as there was a substantial climb coming out of the creek basin to get back up to the next ridge. I got to Milk Creek at about noon and decided to take my lunch at the top of the climb, which I reached about 2:45pm. After a quick lunch I was back on the trail a bit after 3pm as I hadn’t yet caught up to Pie.

After this large climb the trail levels out for a while before dropping down into the Suiattle River valley where we would be camping tonight. I caught Pie on the descent down to the river at about 5pm. We still had about 6 miles to go from the point where I caught up to him. I reached our camp spot at 7:15pm and Pie cruised in at 7:45pm. I don’t have much information on how Pie’s day went since we were so far off and didn’t take any of our breaks together today. Once I did catch him though, he did mention that early in the day he took a spill on the trail that ripped the previously in tact leg of his rain pants (which I guess are rain shorts now?) and put a hole in the knee of his pants. His knee looked a little swollen still and he admitted it was sore, hopefully it improves with rest tonight and we can do the 21.5 we need to do tomorrow to set up to reach Stehekin in time to catch the ferry to Chelan so he can catch his flight on time.


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