Day 161: The Mist

We were optimistic about the weather turning a corner as we went to sleep last night. We were decidedly less optimistic about that when we awoke this morning. The sky was grey, the air was wet, the plants were wet, the tents were wet, all was wet.

We left camp together about 8am and got off to our usual start. We hike for about 2 hours and took a break, then a few hours later we found some shelter in some trees for lunch. Lunch was after 12 miles so that was a great morning given the circumstances. After lunch we started a climb in the mist, we couldn’t see even the next ridge over in any direction. Eventually we reached the top of our afternoon climb and descended down into a valley where we crossed rover after creek after stream. Around 4pm the skies finally decided to open up and show us the sun for the first time today. The weather report when we were last in town said showers off and on through today and sunny for tomorrow. Well, the rain has been mostly on and we have our doubts about the sunny forecast. I think we are both taking a “I’ll believe it when I see it” approach.

We have made it into Glacier Peak Wilderness, but you wouldn’t know it from the lack of views we have had so far. We are doing all he climbs up to passes and high ridge lines but not getting any of the views, so we are really hoping for some sun tomorrow. We are camped right near Glacier Creek, which puts us about 57.5 miles shy of Stehekin. Tomorrow is shaping up to need to be a big day of we are going to make it to High Bridge on time to catch the bus to Stehekin in time to catch the ferry to Chelan. If we miss that bus it’s going to be a tight timeline for Pie to catch his flight in Seattle. We probably need to do a 26 mile day tomorrow to give ourselves a realistic shot at making it. Pie isn’t sure he’s got a 26 in him but if we can get the sun put, the elevation map doesn’t look too daunting, so I am confident he’s going to be able to knock it out.


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