Day 160: Lake Sally Ann; Pie Comes Apart at the Seams

With the weather not yet showing signs of improvement we planned a 20 mile day for ourselves. We packed up our wet gear and shoved off, Pie around 8:10am and me at 8:30am. I hiked for 2 hours and then took a break for some snacks as the morning rain finally let up some. After my break I went for another hour and a half before the skies opened up and showed me the sun. I hadn’t yet caught Pie but decided I didn’t want to lose the opportunity to dry my tent and ground cloth put so I took an early lunch and laid my stuff out in the sun. A hiker I met on my first break, Delux from Luxemburg, passed me. Apparently he saw Pie just around the corner from where I was because Pie came and said hey about 10 minutes later. He was also drying his gear out maybe 200 feet down the trail!

After we both had dry tents again we got moving about 1pm. We had a bit of a climb to start the afternoon and then we dropped down to Pass Creek, near Cady Pass. From there we had another climb, only about 1,300 feet to get to Lake Sally Ann, where we would camp for the night.

Now, you may be wondering why I added “Pie falls apart at the seams” into the title of this post. Well, I don’t believe I have mentioned it as yet but Pie forgot his trekking poles (again) on the bus that took us to Seattle. Then he forgot his hat in the hotel room in Seattle (he now wears a Stevens Pass hat that he bought when we got dropped off by the bus). Today, Pie had to cut one end of his rain pants off as the left leg had a pretty substantial tear in it that was tripping him up as he walked. The benefit of cutting the pants is that now he has a real early 90s LL Cool J vibe going on. Commenting on the matter, Pie said “We’ve gotta get to Stehekin ASAP, I am falling apart here man!” We should be in Stehekin in about 4 days, we just have to hold Poe together until then.


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