Day 158: Travel Day

We spent last night at the hiker hostel at Manning Park, Canada. This morning we hit the restaurant for breakfast and then packed up in order to hop on the bus to Vancouver leaving at 11am. It was a 4 hour ride out to Vancouver where we arrived at 3pm and had just enough time to walk to MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op), which was basically a Canadian REI. We stocked up on food for the stretch from Stevens Pass to Stehekin and then headed back to the greyhound station, grabbing some pizza on the way. We made it in time for our 6:30pm bus headed to Seattle. This was another 4 hour trip due to the stops the bus makes along the way so we arrived in Seattle at 10:30. First order of business was to find whatever food we could muster at that hour and a hotel near the bus station as we have an 8:50am bus out to Stevens Pass in the morning. It’s been a long day of busses and junk food. It will actually be relaxing to get back to the routine of hiking after this. We should be back at the PCT at Stevens Pass at 11:30am tomorrow and probably on trail by 12:30pm after lunch at the ski lodge which was open for mountain biking when we walked into the pass about a week ago. The first homework section is about to begin.


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