Day 157: Monument 78 and Manning Park, Canada

Today was the day we reached the end of the PCT! We had 11 miles to go to reach Monument 78, which marks the U.S./Canada border and then another 8 miles to arrive at Manning Park, Canada. We got out of camp about 8am this morning. It was another very cold morning but at least there was no overnight precipitation drenching our tents. From our camp at Woody Pass we had a slight up hill and then a drop in elevation. Then we went over Hopkins Pass which provided a nice view of Hopkins Lake, the last lake we would pass on the trail. At this point it began to snow on us again.

From Hopkins Lake we dropped in elevation some more eventually passing by Castle Pass, our last pass of the trail, which was more like one of those little bumps as opposed to a true pass. We arrived at Monument 78 a little after noon, to find the big group of 6 we had been leap frogging with all through Washington seemingly. This was the group of Wild Bill, Garbelly, Thor, Sweet Cakes, Spills and Supertramp. We all hung around and took pictures at the monument for a while until the skies opened up and started to drop a heavy amount of rain on us.

From the monument we had a small climb for about 3 miles to reach a PCT camp along the trail. Then we dropped about 1,500 feet in elevation and cruised into Manning Park, Canada. The resort at Manning Park was all booked up for a wedding but they had set up something of a hostel for hikers. We shacked up in the hostel and now make efforts to figure out how to double back to Stevens Pass to complete the section we had to skip because of the fire. We learned that the section has reopened again after the recent rains/snows have helped with the fire efforts and the Blankenship Fire that was burning next to to the PCT is kaput. I will let you all know how we end up doubling back for the section as soon as we figure it out.


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