Day 155: Methow Pass, Glacier Pass, Hart’s Pass

You have a pretty good idea of what kind of day it’s going to be when you wake up with a layer of snow/ice on your tent like we did this morning. It took us a while to work up the nerve to get moving and pack up in the cold but we managed to get out of camp by 8:30am, Pie a little sooner at 8:10am. It snowed as we hiked for the first few miles until we began to really drop in elevation after Methow Pass, then it turned to rain. After descending for a while we reached Golden Creek, where we had a snack break in a slight drizzle. Then we crossed Methow River and finally Brush Creek before we began the nearly 3,000 foot climb up to our high point of about 7,000 feet for the day. From Brush Creek it was about 3 miles to Glacier Pass which marked our roughly half way point on the climb section. Somewhere on the climb after Glacier Pass the sun came out! We got a chance to dry out our tents and ground cloths and we took it! So we took an earlier lunch than we usually do to dry things out. Eventually, we reached the high point and had an amazing view of where we were going and where we had been, perspective points I like to call them.

After taking a break at our perspective point we began the last leg of out day, a 7 or so mile section to Hart’s Pass. The first 3 miles of this were pretty much just a flat contour around a ridge along Tatie Peak. The latter half of the 7 miles was a nice little drop in elevation, still contouring along fairly steep ridges until we arrived at the pass.

At Hart’s Pass we found the campground and the ranger station, both seemingly abandoned. Then, we realized we needed water and there wasn’t any in this area. Fortunately for us, a truck drove up and we waved him down to ask where we might find water. He told us to hop in and he would take us up the hill to a small creek maybe half a mile to a mile up the road. There we were able to fill our bottles with water for the night and to get out of camp tomorrow. We were so lucky this hunter just happened to be driving by. He dropped us back at the campground and we began to set up camp for the night. As we sit, we are just 30.5 miles from the monument at the border and just under 40 miles from Manning Park, Canada.


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