Day 154: Rainy Pass, Cutthroat Pass, Granite Pass

We woke up later than usual, colder than usual, and wetter than usual. We packed up as quick as we could will ourselves to pack up our sopping wet everything. We left camp around 8:30am and were ready for a day of hiking in the rain. Good thing too, cause that’s what we did. It was about 11 miles to Rainy Pass on Highway 20, this pass is very accurately named. We had lunch at the Rainy Pass trailhead, well more like under it because there was a sign board that had a tiny roof to keep the signs dry.

After lunch we were back on the trail and headed upward. Rainy Pass is right around 4,100 feet in elevation and our next pass, Cutthroat Pass, was just under 6,900 feet. Despite the gain, we made good time on the 5 mile climb. We left Rainy Pass at 3pm and made it up to Cutthroat Pass at 4:45pm; pretty darn good for a 5 mile 2,800 foot climb. After Cutthroat we dropped down a bit and the. Eventually hit our third pass of the day, Granite Pass at 6,300 feet. From Granite it was only 2 more wet miles to our camp. All told we managed 21 sopping wet miles today. We sit just 51 miles from the monument marking the end of the trail and about 60 miles from Manning Park, Canada.


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