Day 153: The Lady of the Lake to Stehekin

With the fire closure still in effect and Pie’s deadline looming we don’t have the luxury of being able to take the “wait and see” approach that most hikers seem to be taking at the moment. Our course of action is to take the ferry, the Lady of the Lake, from the town of Chelan up to the town of Stehekin. From there we can hike north to Canada and finish at the monument. We are hoping with the rain that the section that is currently closed will open back up by the time we reach the border, allowing us the opportunity to double back and complete this section as well. The smoke in Chelan was almost non-existent when we were staying there last night which is a great sign for the fire conditions around the town. We are basically hoping for the best on the fire front. 

Once we reached Stehekin around 12:30pm we ate lunch and milled around until the bus for High Bridge was set to leave at 2pm. The bus ride up took nearly an hour and included a 10 minute stop at the famous Stehekin Bakery. Pie got a slice of berry pie to go and we both got cinnamon rolls to pack out. I think Pie also got some sort of berry ice cream too, he has a sweet tooth like no other. After the bakery we were dropped off at High Bridge to rejoin the PCT. In town we grabbed a camping permit, which apparently you need even though you have a long distance permit for camping in North Cascades National Park, and we set off to hike the 8 miles to the camp we chose for our permit, North Fork Camp. The hike was wet and over some rolling terrain but nothing too difficult. We left High Bridge a little after 3pm and pulled into camp right before 7pm, a 2MPH pace. 

Tomorrow we anticipate more rain and more climbing in elevation. We likely won’t have service until we finish so nobody will read this for a week…


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