Day 150: What’s This Stuff Falling From The Sky?

The sky was grey when we woke up this morning and there was some dampness to the plants around us but our tents were still mostly dry so whatever rain fell at all happened as we slept. It was starting to drizzle just a little bit as we packed up camp and then some actual drops began to fall as we hiked the first few miles of the day. This resulted in what Pie calls the “Cascade Drip” which is a term I hadn’t heard before and I am pretty sure he made up with his buddies way back when. Either way, the plants were wet and transferring their water to our pants and legs as we hiked by. We took our first break at 6.5 miles which took us a little under 3 hours. That’s a pretty slow pace event for us but between the rain and the elevation climb we were slowed down a bit I guess. From our break spot we had about 3 miles to finish the first climb of the day and there was a small lake at 3.5 miles. We took lunch by the small lake after 10 miles for the day so far.

After lunch the skies opened up a bit and little patches of blue sky were able to show through for a little bit. This cleared up the “Cascade Drip” along the trail as none of the plants seemed to be holding moisture after we ate. That’s just as well because o think the term “Cascade Drip” sounds a bit like something you might need a penicillin shot for.

Patient: …well I was hiking up in Washington last week.

Doc: That’ll do it. I’m afraid you have Cascade Drip. I am going to need to give you this shot and you’ll need to abstain from hiking for 3-6 weeks until it clears up.

Anywho, from lunch we had a 7.5 mile elevation drop to Waptus River where we filled up on water to get us another 7 miles up to Deep Lake for camp. We left the river just before 4:30pm and despite the 1,300 foot climb I rolled into camp at 7:15pm and Pie turned up just before 7:45pm. We managed 23.6 miles today, a nice make up for yesterday’s 18.5 out of town. We’ve left ourselves just under 30 miles to get to Steven’s Pass over the next 2 days. There certainly wasn’t enough rain near us to make a dent in the fires but hopefully they are getting the bulk of it to be north. When we left town the forecast called for 100% chance of rain tomorrow so maybe the bulk is yet to come.


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