Day 146: Clearer Skies…

…and a new personal record! Sorry, I really buried the lead there, but we did also have clearer skies! We actually got a glimpse of Mount Rainier before we got out of the area, so that was nice. It appears the smoke conditions are going to be day-to-day depending on the direction of the wind.

As for the record, we didn’t start out the day with such ambitions it just sort of turned out that way. We had nice soft trail with just a little up and down pretty much all day. We cruised the 10 miles from camp down to Urich Cabin, hoping for a cooler as we met a day joker yesterday that said she stocked a cooler there the day before. However, when we got there the cooler was empty. There were a couple other hikers that were there, and had been for a few days just zeroing there, so I have my guesses as to how the cooler got emptied within the span of 2 days.

After we ate our lunches at the cabin we headed another 5 miles or so to the next water. This is where we had a decision to make. The next water source from this spring was 12 miles away. So it was either haul in water to a dry camp about 7 or 9 miles or go the full 12 miles to the next water. Pie said, and I quote, “man, the water hauls kill me.” So we opted to go for the full 12 since it was just before 3pm. The trail continued to be wells obtained through this stretch which helped us make amazing time. I made it to the water right at 7pm and Pie was only maybe 30 minutes or so behind me. From this water we went up the trail just under a mile to the next noted camp site. That means, all told, we crushed our previous record of 26 miles (by 1) and knocked out 27 miles! Now to bed.


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