Day 145: No Rainier In Rainier N.P.

This was an interesting morning. I heard Pie clinking and clanking with his cereal, which usually means it’s time to get moving for me. However, this morning I looked at my watch when I heard the clank and saw a number that started with 5. That is not time to get moving in my book. So I rolled over and went back to sleep. Next thing I know it’s 6:30am, which is my usual start cooking breakfast and get packing time, and Pie is damn near ready to go. Long story short, he was out of camp by 7am and I was just finishing my breakfast. He said he had “nervous energy” whatever that means.

I left camp at almost 7:40am and caught up to Pie just before our first water spot for the day about 5 miles into our hike. After that we headed past Dewey Lake and into Chinook Pass, a popular day hiking trailhead in Rainier National Park. It being a Sunday, the area was quite busy despite the fact there would be no view of Mt. Rainier today due to the incredible amounts of smoke in the area from the fires to the north. Today was the first day that it smelled more like fire than just a faint smoke smell while we were hiking. Not a good indicator of what is to come I imagine. We took lunch on the other side of the trailhead at Sheep Lake, where more day hikers were milling about. After that we hiked up and out of the area leaving the day hikers to their business once we got up over Sourdough Pass.

All in all we did a little over 22 miles today ending at Martinsen Gap for camp. At camp, Pie’s stove finally gave out. He had been having trouble with it for a week or so and when he went to use it today the grooves wouldn’t catch the gas can as he tried to twist it on. It appears that stove is toast and we will be splitting my stove for the foreseeable future. So it goes.


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