Day 144: Reunited With Bucksnort

Waking up in a bed is one of life’s little pleasures that we take for granted when it’s done on a daily basis, appreciate your beds people. We woke up in our beds around 8am, a down right sleep in by trail standards. I flipped on the Tottenham Hotspur game as we were in a place that actually had NBCSN. We watched the game while we packed our bags for the next stretch. After the game ended we left the room and hit the store for breakfast and then off to the trail.

We cruised along the trail pretty uneventfully for most of the morning until we ran into an old friend. Hiking southbound was an older gentleman who I recognized but couldn’t place. We chatted for a bit and he identified himself as a trail angel around the Tehachapi/Mojave area. The lightbulb flicked on for me and realized he was the trail angel that Pie and I called to get a ride into Mojave! He met us on the highway there and dropped us at the post office in town. I reminded him of this and told him my trail name and said we were in his sign in book. Then we parted and I told him to say hi to Pie who was just behind me a ways.

After the brief reunion we hiked on to Snow Lake, where we had lunch. I sat down right at 1pm and Pie rolled up about 1:30pm. We didn’t leave lunch until nearly 2:30pm, we are notorious for our long lunches. Nobody else on the trail lunches like we do.

From Snow Lake we hiked another 4 miles to the Bumping River where I loaded up on enough water to get me to camp, cook at camp and hike to water in the morning since we were dry camping (not camping near a water source). Pie opted to just take enough to get to camp and then take a side trail down to Two Lakes (original name for two lakes side by side) for water. I opted not to do this because it was an additional .3 mi each way and looked to be at least a couple hundred feet climb coming back up to camp with water, no thanks.

So we got our first 20 out of the way only 80 more miles to Snoqualmie Pass and our next resupply.


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