Day 142: More Goat Rocks and Old Snowy

Our campsite was about 31 miles from White Pass, which meant we would likely be there in the morning tomorrow. Knowing that, we kind of just felt like we didn’t need to do anything too crazy mileage wise. Anything over 15 would leave us a half day to get into White Pass. That allowed us to take our time through the Goat Rocks Wilderness and I  glad we had that luxury because that area was truly amazing. We started the day with beautiful views of the north side of Mt. Adams and as the day progressed we could see both Mt. Saint Helens and Mt. Rainier off in the distance.

After passing a series of high meadows we eventually reached Old Snowy, a peak with an alternate for PCT hikers to go up near the peak and then head down what is called the Knife’s Edge. This section is so named because as you hike down the Knife’s Edge you have a very steep drop off on either side of you as the trail moves along the top of a backbone ridge. This was an incredible section of trail that had amazing 360 degree panoramic views.

After coming down from the high ridge line we made our way down into a valley for some water at a stream running off one of the last glaciers still hanging on up on one of the mountains. Then we progressed back into the forest for the rest of the day’s hike. It was nice to get up out of the dense trees for a while to get some of those incredible views of all those iconic mountains in Washington. Although the forest is nice too as it is a bit cooler on a warmer day like today.

Tomorrow we hit White Pass. There is no restaurant but there is a store and we have a resupply package there so we will be nice and heavy heading out. It remains to be seen how much time we will take there, we will get in and see what the amenities are in the area and go from there.


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