Day 139: Three Days in a Row?

Today was set to be the easiest day of our stretch with the combined factors of only needing to go 19 miles and the terrain being pretty flat or down hill for the most part. We cruised through the first half of the day and eventually came to a dirt road with some trees around it where we ducked under the trees for shade and took our lunch. As we were breaking, a hiker I first met way back at the Acton KOA in Southern California named Chewie came up on us! It’s always cool to see hikers you haven’t seen for over a thousand miles again. He hiked on as we wrapped up our lunch break and shortly after another hiker doing a section from the Oregon/Washington border to White Pass came up on us. We were just about to get going again and he was just about to take a break so we said hi and bye briefly. While we did our short chat he said something to the effect of “I heard there might be a cooler here but I guess not.” I didn’t think much of it as trail magic spots so get rumored along the trail from time to time, so Pie and I started hiking again.

About 5 miles down the trail we crossed a paved road. This road, however, did have a cooler at it! It was full of beer and soda! This was our third trail magic spot in as many days! We signed the book and grabbed a soda before heading on. It was a nice surprise as we got to the cooler at the hottest part of the day and the ice cold soda was an amazing treat. From here we just had another 4 or 5 miles to Trout Lake Creek, where we were planning on camping. When we arrived Chewie was setting up his tent and not long after Puff Puff (a thru-hiker we hadn’t met yet from England) came in and not long after her was the section hiker we met earlier. The 5 of us all set up our tents and then ate dinner together and chatted for a while before heading to our bags. All in all, another great and magical day on the trail!


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