Day 137: Road Walk to Trail Magic

Today we set out from Cascade Locks, after a good breakfast, of course. The first thing we did was cross the Bridge of the Gods into Washington. The bridge spans across the Columbia River giving great vantage points as we walked across.

Once we were across, most hikers follow the trail left where it winds up to the ridge and then eventually makes its way back down to the Panther Creek campground. To get from the bridge to the campground takes 35 miles via the PCT, but we decided we were going to skirt this section with a short cut. So instead of heading left to the trail we took a right and walked down State Highway 14 until we reached Wind River Highway, which took us right into the small town of Carson. We got to the Wind River Inn cafe right at 12:30pm which required us to go in for lunch.

After our meal we headed back up to the road to continue our walk. We eventually reached Old State Road which took us to Panther Creek Road. From here we followed that road up near Panther Creek campground where we picked up the PCT again. Then after about a quarter mile we reached Panther Creek with a bridge going over it. Before crossing we saw a sign about going to the campground for some trail magic. We figured we would check it out so we headed down a spur trail and found campsite 6, where a group of Baden-Powell Scouts had a campsite for PCT hikers set up. They fed us Indian food for dinner and root beer floats for a chaser! About an hour after us some more hikers came into the campground. The next group was made up of Sweet Cakes, Wild Bill, Garbelly, Spills, Supertramp and Thor. We had met or hiked with half the group before but it was our first time meeting Spills, Supertramp and Thor. We all hung around with the scouts and the group leaders and they let us camp at their campsite. This was my first night camping in a hammock, I’ll report back on the experience tomorrow I am sure.


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