Day 134: Setting Up For Eagle Creek Alternate

Last night we camped just on the north side of the Sandy River Gorge, which left is just about 20 miles to go to reach the junction for the Eagle Creek alternate trail. That trail is a shorter and more spectacular trail that nearly all PCTers take going into Cascade Locks. We started the day with a climb of over 2000 feet out of the Sandy River Gorge and back up to the ridge line. After the climb we kind of just rolled along the top of the ridge until we reached a stream at noon. We decided to just eat lunch at the stream since there was potentially no water from that stream until our chosen campsite, still 13 miles away. So we are lunch and loaded up on water.

After lunch we cruised along for a few more hours and eventually stopped at a small flat spot on this rolling section of trail. I discovered we had service so I killed a good portion of my phone battery sending a few texts and getting updates on the Blankenship Fire near Stehekin in Northern Washington to try and figure out what we are going to do in 3 weeks when we get up there. From this break spot we had a pretty easy 7.5 miles as the trail gradually dropped down to our camp at the abandoned Indian Springs Campground at the junction of the Eagle Creek trail and the PCT.

Tomorrow, we have the 15 mile Eagle Creek trail to get us down, emphasis on down, into Cascade Locks. I say emphasis on down because we are currently around 4200 feet in elevation and Cascade Locks sits on the Columbia River at elevation 150 feet.


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