Day 131: Oregon Dried Up

Bob and Jim dropped us off back the the trail to/from Olallie Lake at 8:30am. We had looked at the water report beforehand and saw there were some springs a few miles up so we each took about a liter of water. After hiking for an hour or so o came across an older gentleman who was limping southbound on the PCT. After chatting for a bit, the limp was an injury he picked up and he was headed back to his car at Olallie Lake, he asked where I was from and I replied, “San Diego.” Upon hearing this he asked if I knew the San Diego Sloggers. Surprised, I said that I was one and he followed up asking if I was Pie. I said, “No, I am Lizard. How is it that you know all about us?” He revealed that down the trail he had run into two guys that offered him a ride so he didn’t have to walk all the way back to his car. Turns out those guys were Bob and Jim who had hiked up to the trail junction of the PCT and Russ Lake. They dropped off the remaining half of last night’s apple pie and 2 packets of salmon for us on the trail with a note that read: 

For Lizard and Pie

S. D. Sloggers

Upon finding the goodies we immediately sat down and devoured the half pie and we each took a packet of salmon for later.

Further on down the trail we came to Lemiti Creek, which was bone dry but meant we were getting close to Trooper Spring. Trooper Spring, according to the water report was to be an “excellent spring” so we were pretty confident about getting water here. We sat down at the junction to the spring and ate our lunches, salmon included. After eating we headed down the spur trail toward the spring. To our dismay, we found no flowing water from the spring. A stagnant pool about 8 feet by 5 feet was the only water we could find. The water looked murky and there were some bugs floating around on it. We decided the water we had would have to get us to the next source. There was another spring 7.5 miles from this one but the water report didn’t have any notes on it so we were skeptical of our chances there.

When I arrived at the next spring I took the spur trail down toward the spring but found no running water again and only a few small stagnant pools. Pie was still behind me at this point so I found some sticks and made them out to spell “Dry” in the entryway to the spur trail down to the spring. Then on I went, another 2 miles to reach Warm Springs River. It wasn’t exactly the Mississippi but it had running water.

We loaded up here knowing we wouldn’t have water at camp tonight. The next water was at least 8 miles and we had already gone 19 for the day so it didn’t seem likely. We cruised on another roughly 5 miles before we decided to make camp. About an hour after we had pitched our tents the ever increasingly cloudy sky finally started to drop some rain on us. A fitting end to a weird day. A day in which we couldn’t find any water for 19 miles ends with the blasted stuff falling from the sky. Go figure.

We left ourselves 17 miles for tomorrow to reach highway 26, Wapinitia Pass. At the pass Bob will meet us again and we will try to find a place to grab a shower and do a load of laundry and rest our heads. Timberline Lodge is just 10 miles from Wapinitia Pass but their accommodations are on the high end so we are hoping to take care of our usual town luxuries before reaching the lodge and just pop in for lunch and pop back out after that. A quick hitter, if you will.

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