Day 130: Olallie Lake

From our camp at an undisclosed location we had just over 22 miles to reach Olallie Lake to meet Bob and Jim and grab our next supply box. We started the day at a good time (7:30am) and were at Milk Creek (5mi) by 9am. After crossing the creek and a short break we were off again to Russell Creek (4.25mi from Milk Creek). Russell Creek was a glacier runoff that we could see was coming off a steep grade and was moving quickly through the area where the trail crosses it. This was a bit of a shakey rock hop of a crossing because of that, or first real shakey water crossing since leaving the Sierra’s that I can recall. We both made it safely and dryly across and on we went.

Lunch was taken at a small creek running through a meadow in the Jefferaon Park area, which provided great views of Mt. Jefferson which now towered to our southeast. We again had to make our own shade at lunch for the second day in a row due to the lake of trees, this time for natural reasons instead of fire though. After lunch we pressed on and after jut a couple minutes we ran into a ranger. He actually asked to see our permits! It took nearly 2100 miles but we finally got our first permit check. Pie had left his permit in his other pack he was carrying when Marissa was with us but fortunately Sandy had texted him a picture of it so he had the permit ID number and that was good enough for this easy going ranger. We hiked on over some increasingly rocky terrain from there and eventually took a break at a pond about 5 miles from Olallie Lake. I sat down at the pond at 4pm and pie rolled up about 4:30pm, and we recalled the last few stores we had been at on the lake resorts closed at 7pm. With still 5 miles to go and it being 4:30pm I volunteered to make a go for it while Pie took a rest at the pond. I had nearly got to the trail junction when I heard my name called. It was Bob, sitting with Jim in the trees. I asked what time the store at Olallie Lake closed and they said 8pm so we all sat down and chatted until Pie caught up. I sat down with them about 6:15pm and Pie rolled up by 6:45pm. Once we were all together we walked the remaining half mile or so to Olallie Lake, where Bob and Jim had already secured a campsite. We picked up a few snacks at the store before they closed and then headed over to camp and settled in. Tomorrow we start heading toward Timberline Lodge, our next resupply spot. Hard to believe we are only about 100 miles away from completing Oregon!


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