Day 129: No More Sisters!

We finally made it out of Sisters! Bob and Jim dropped us off at the trail around 9:30am after we got breakfast and picked up our box at the post office. That is a decent start time for leaving a town for us as we have a tendency to laze about when trying to leave a stop.

Our plan was the go 22 miles to Shale Lake which would give us just about another 22 miles the following day to get into Olallie Lake, where Bob and Jim would meet us again. We stopped for lunch near a pond. Unfortunately, the pond was in a burned out area so we had to make our own shade. We didn’t linger too long before pressing on again. We took another little break at Rockpile Lake, after a bit of a climb. Then, it was the final push for the day to Shale Lake. Upon getting to the Shale Lake area we came to a sign post noting that the area had been designated a limited use area and that a special use permit was required to camp in the area in designated spots. Well, I am not going to say that we camped there for legal reasons but I also won’t say we didn’t camp there. I plead the fifth.


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