Day 127: Sisters, OR

It’s always hard to crawl out of the sleeping bag on a chilly morning, but we managed to do so and get on the trail about 7:30am. We took our first break at Obsidian Creek after about 6 miles. This was a great section as the creek fed into a small waterfall and there was obsidian shards littered all around the ground in the area. The next few miles was less nice on the feet as we were crossing some flows of lava rocks but managed alright and took another quick break after another 6 miles. That left us a final 6 miles to get to highway 242 to meet Pie’s buddies who hiked it in 1975 also.

I reached a spot on the trail where two guys were hanging out under some trees about 2pm. They asked if I was thru-hiking and I said I was. Then they asked if I knew Gary and Jon, to which I replied I knew them well as I am Jon. We shook hands and Bob handed me a Snickers bar to nosh on. Gary (Pie) rolled up about 20-25 minutes later and got a Snickers of his own. We all sat here shooting the shit for a while. When I say we all shot the shit I mostly mean the ’75ers shat the shit and I kinda just waded through it. Lots of stories to be told in that group.

Afterwards we hiked down to highway 242 and hoped in the car and drove down to the town of Sisters. We popped into a grocery/pharmacy so I could get a replacement for the mouth guard I lost (my jaw has been hurting from grinding my teeth while I sleep without one). Next we found a hotel room and got set up for the night.

Tomorrow we will slack pack from highway 242 to highway 20, about 17 miles, with the benefit of Bob’s car.


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