Day 126: Elk Lake Resort

We woke up around our normal time and were on the trail after taking care of the usual morning tasks. Up around 6:30am and hiking by 7:30am. We stopped for lunch after 12 miles, leaving just 10 PCT miles and a mile on the side trail to get into Elk Lake Resort. Our lunch spot, Mac Lake, was pretty nice too. It was a little more open and full a lake than some of the others we had been passing and collecting water for the afternoon was pretty easy as well. All in all, a great spot to take a break.

After lunch, we knocked out our remaining 11 as quick as possible and arrived at Elk Lake Resort a little before 6pm. That was a fortuitous time as the restaurant closed at 7pm so we just got in under the radar. Turned out everything closed at 7pm so I got a camp site for us since they were out of cabins and then had the desk lady check for our supply package. At first she couldn’t find the box under either my name or Pie’s name and we got a little worried. The desk clerk, who was a very nice young lady, and I went back to the supply room where they keep the boxes and eventually we found it burried under a bevy of thee packages. Apparently it was indexed under the wrong name which is why neither me or Pie showed up on her list. We got it all figured out in the end though and had a good meal for dinner with ice cream afterwards!

Tomorrow we will grab our showers and hang around the resort for about half a day and then hike out anywhere from 10 to 15 miles to set up meetin Pie’s buddy on highway 242 the following day.


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