Day 125: Leaving Shelter Cove

Since Shelter Cove didn’t have a restaurant we hit the store one last time before getting back on the trail. I got 2 little breakfast burritos and a tea and Pie got 2 breakfast burritos and a hot cocoa.

After breakfast was done we said goodbye to the other hikers that were hanging out by the store and headed out. We decided that we were going to walk the road up to highway 58 and pick the trail up there as it appeared to cut out some climb and looked a bit shorter. We might be crazy enough to hike the PCT, but we try to hike smarter when we can. Once we rejoined the PCT we figured out it saved us about a mile, maybe a little more and a few hundred feet of climb.

We went about 12 miles to the Bobby Lake trail junction and had lunch there around 1pm. After an hour or so we hit the trail again with the minimum goal of getting to Charlton Lake and the possibility of going another 5 miles beyond that to Taylor Lake, depending on how we were feeling and what time we reached Charlton Lake. Charlton was our 20 mile mark but a 25 mile day to Taylor Lake would ensure we could get to Elk Lake tomorrow night after a 22 mile day. Otherwise we would either have to do a 27 mile day tomorrow or just set up and get in the morning of the following day.

I arrived at Charlton Lake at 4:30pm and had a good rest. Pie rolled up around 5:15pm and we decided the 5 miles to Taylor Lake was still attainable so we went for it. We arrived at Taylor Lake just before 7:30pm, just in time to eat dinner and throw up our tents and hide from the bugs. Not a bad time for a 25 mile day. Only 22 miles left to Elk Lake for tomorrow!


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