Day 124: Shelter Cove Resort

With just about 11 miles to reach Shelter Cove Resort from Crescent Lake we had a leisurely morning. I was up around 6am after not sleeping great because of my leg. We took our time packing up and eating breakfast and eventually said our goodbyes to Robin and Bill before heading out around 8:30am.

We walked the gravel road #60 up to a horse camp where we picked up the Oregon Skyline Trail again. From there we had just over 5 miles to a lake that would serve as our half way point and a snack break spot. After our break we hiked the remaining 5ish miles into Shelter Cove Resort. All in all my leg did pretty well during the hike. The only times it gave me any real trouble was when we were going down hill and I had to extend the tendon, if I stepped on a rock or a root wrong, or after our breaks it tends to stiffen up.

When we got into the resort I bought a bag of ice, among other food stuffs, and took to icing my leg here and there until the ice had melted. I got a good few hours out of the bag of ice though, and it seemed to really help. I also picked up some Bengay to take with me and plan on trying to tough it out tomorrow. We only have about 2 days to get to Elk Lake Resort and a total of 5 days or so to get to Highway 242 where Pie has an old PCT buddy who will meet us for a slackpack opportunity. Looking forward to that!


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