Day 123: Springs Campground on Crescent Lake

We only had 16 miles to go to reach Crescent Lake, where we decided we would camp for the night. My leg was pretty tight in the morning so I wasn’t moving at my usual pace. We got to a decent place for a break after about 2 hours and 5 miles. This was the junction for the Oregon Skyline Trail, which we had already decided we were taking. After another 5 miles or so we reached a lake that was calling to us to have lunch there. As two guys that sometimes heed the call of the wild we listened.

After our lunch, we headed on down the trail to reach a gravel road. Just before the road we saw a sign directing us to turn left on the road, which we did. We then reached a sign board along the road with a note directing PCT hikers to turn again down another road for a campground, so we did that also. Through the trees we could see some RVs at some campsites so we b-lined through the trees for the campers. They told us that the campground was full and we started to get a bit worried about our chances of having a place for the night. We eventually made our way to the camp host site and decided to check in with them. There we found some fellow PCT hikers lounging under the shade of the host’s RV. Wild Bill, a hiker we met just out of Ashland, said we had found the right spot and showed us the ropes as far as where to camp, plug in our electronics and get water. We did all that stuff, sat for a bit and then headed down to Crescent Lake for a swim.

The lake was delightfully cool on this warm summer day. After our dip we headed back to the host site and lounged for a few hours. After some time the host, Robin, pulled out a case of beer to cool off for the hikers. Later on her husband, Bill, got home from work and we all sat down to an amazing dinner. 6 hikers being fed by the 2 camp hosts was quite a site. We could not be more thankful for Robin and Bill’s generosity.

Tomorrow we tackle the 10 miles from Crescent Lake to Shelter Cove. It’s good that it is a short day because my leg hasn’t gotten any better and actually feels as though it may have gotten slightly worse from today’s hike. I am hoping it show improvement tomorrow and I won’t need to take any time off at Shelter Cove. Here’s hoping.


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