Day 122: Highest Point in Oregon and Washington

It is weird to think that we still have over a month to go and today we had lunch at the highest point on the trail in Oregon or Washington. Never again will we reach an elevation above 7600, apparently.

Before that point, we passed Mt. Thielsen which provided some excellent views for the morning part of our hike. Then we reached the first of our water sources for the day, Thielsen Creek. Unfortunately, by this time my left leg was starting to hurt. It was a bit tender after yesterday for some reason and doesn’t seem to be getting better, although doesn’t seem to be getting worse really. Despite all that we got to camp a little after 6pm, not bad time for a 24 mile day. Tomorrow we have a shorter day as we will be taking the Oregon Skyline Trail as an alternate into Shelter Cove. It’s about 6 miles shorter than the “official” PCT, stays about 1000 feet lower in elevation and passes more water sources making it an easy choice. So tomorrow we will only go 16 to get to a campground and maybe have a swim in a nearby lake. Then it’s a short 10 mile hike into Shelter Cove the following day.


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