Day 119: Setting Up for Mazama Village

Our camp last night was about 36 miles from highway 62, which is where we will get to Mazama Village for our resupply package after another mile on the road. We originally planned a 21 mile day to leave about 15 to the road and 16 total into the village. We started well and made it to 11 miles to lunch by 1pm, despite not leaving camp until 8:30am. After about an hour for lunch we started up again and had a bit of a climb in the afternoon. We even had enough service on one of the ridges that I got to call and talk to Marissa briefly, which was awesome. I find myself missing her more and more every day since she had to leave our group.

Eventually we got to our originally chosen campsite at 21 miles by 6pm. We still had a couple of hours of daylight and were feeling pretty good so we decided to go on a few more miles we settled on a nice camp area just over 3 miles up the trail. The extra mileage at the end of today means we only have to go 12 miles to the highway and 13 total to get into the village. We should be able to get in and to the cafe by lunch so we maximize our food intake at the stop.

Tomorrow there is town food, nobody’s at the movies.


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