Day 117: Brown Mountain Shelter

Pie and I woke up to wet tents this morning, which was a real bummer way to start the day since we didn’t put our tent flies on last night. We shook off what moisture we could but were resigned to a lunch time gear dry out session later on. We got on the trail a touch after 8am.

Our first stop today was a water fountain and spigot on the trail just under 2 miles from camp. We filled up our water at this spot to get another 8 miles to our next water. We took a quick break here and then hiked on another 4 miles to a piped spring where we had lunch and spread all our wet gear out to dry. From here, we had 8 more miles to go to reach our chosen camp spot at South Brown Mountain Shelter. We took a quick break after 4 miles after crossing an interestingly named paved road, Dead Indian Memorial Road. After another quick 4 miles we were done with our 22 miles for the day and had arrived at the shelter which had such amenities as a picnic table, cabin (read: hut with a wood burning stove; probably more useful in winters), and a well water pump. We opted out of the shelter and set up our tents nearby.

Tomorrow we are hoping to knock out our 10 mile hike to highway 140 quickly in the morning and, with any luck, grab a quick hitch down to Fish Lake Resort just 2 miles down the road for lunch. We are still planning to go another 22 miles tomorrow so it’s a hopeful lunch plan so here’s hoping.


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