Day 114: Town Food Today, Nobody’s at the Movies!

After yesterday’s big mileage we had just 9.5 miles to go to reach paved Mt. Ashland Road where we were to meet my mother and aunt for lunch and a pack advance. The trail was mostly downhill and good clear trail so we made good time. We arrived at the road about 11:15am and had enough service to make a call to our support crew. They arrived shortly after us around 11:30am. They brought us Subway sandwiches, cold drinks, along with cookies and rice crispy treats! It was a glorious lunch.

After our lunch on the road my mom and aunt took the backpacks in the car and we just took a daypack with a couple of water bottles for our next 7 miles. We left the road about 12:15pm and with our lighter selves we were making good time. We estimated about 2:30pm for meeting my mom and aunt close to interstate 5. We arrived right on time and they were waiting with the car when we arrived!

After loading ourselves into the car we headed into Ashland to go grocery shopping for our cabin stay and fuel up the car. Once those quick chores were done we headed out highway 66 to Green Springs Inn & Cabins where we had a cabin waiting for us. We got settled in at the cabin, the dirty hikers all took showers and then we headed to the restaurant near the cabin for dinner. Post dinner, we went back to our cabin and just hung out listening to music and playing catchphrase until it was time for bed.

Tomorrow we zero!


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