Day 105: Then the Rains Came

We finally had dry tents for once on this stretch as we were leaving camp. It’s a great thing to not have to pack up wet gear into the backpacks, especially because it adds weight until you can properly dry it out.

We had 2000 feet to climb in elevation but it was over the first 10 miles so it really wasn’t all that bad. We took a snack break after 5 miles and then our lunch at the 10 mile mark near a spring with a pipe. Our lunch lasted from 1pm to 2:40pm, serious nappage. This would come to haunt us later as we could have spent less time napping at lunch and then subsequently less or possibly no time hiking the last 3 miles in the rain.

From lunch, we had under 10 miles to go to our camp site. We needed water from the last water source before that camp, the water was from a river 2 miles before camp. We hiked 5 miles from camp before taking a quick break to rest the feet for a second but noticed the grey clouds were moving in. We went on another mile and change before the rains came down. We had to filter our water from the river in some steady rain and then hiked the remaining 2 miles with the weather in an off and on pattern of showers.

Fortunately, by the time we arrived at camp the rain had diminished down to a trickle and eventually stopped all together. We were able to get our tents up relatively dryly before cooking dinner and changing into some dry clothes. The trees near our tents look something like a poorly decorated Christmas tree or that they might be fruiting pants and other garments.

We have just shy of 19 miles to go tomorrow to reach the town of Etna, where my parents will be waiting for us. We will take a zero day to visit with them there as my father’s vacation will be drawing to a close at weeks end. Dreaming of town food and not movie interruptions of said town food.


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