Day 104: Highway 3

We woke up next to one road, Parks Creek Road, with plans to get to the next road, Highway 3. That would give us 20.5 miles for the day, Marissa’s biggest total yet and set us up for just 2 more days to go into Etna!

We started on a cruise, the trail was nice and soft and we had either flat or slightly downhill for most of our first 10 miles. We took a short snack break after about 5 miles to break it up some but we knocked out those 10 miles before noon and took our lunch near a spring. After that we continued on the beautifully soft trail we’ve had for another 8 miles to the next natural spring where we filled up our water bottles to bring to camp. We then hikes the remaining 2.5 miles to Highway 3.

When we arrived on the road we discovered there was an actual campground there. It wasn’t exactly your well maintained full service campground or anything but it did have picnic tables, fire rings and an outhouse, which were all luxuries to us! We immediately set up our tents in one of the campsites, cooked and ate our dinners and then hung out for the remainder of the evening. We got into camp around 6:30pm so we had plenty of time to relax before heading to bed about 9pm. We have just under 40 miles to reach the town of Etna, where my parents will meet us for another resupply and a full zero day to enjoy their company! We should arrive just in time for dinner in 2 days, provided I put this phone down and get some sleep.


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