Day 103: Porcupine Lake

We woke up once again to wet tents and partial cloudiness. We laid out our tents to dry in the spots of sun we could find while we packed up the rest of the gear. Eventually we had to just pack our still mostly wet tents and hit the trail, which was just after 8am.

We cruised down the trail and after a little over 10 miles we hit the trail junction for porcupine lake, just .2 miles off trail. That sounded like a great lunch spot so we took the side trail and hit the lake. It was a beautiful lake tucked in a high bowl surrounded by rocky walls on three sides. We set up in a soft area with pine trees and a few large boulders strewn about. We laid out tents over some of the boulders to finish drying out as we ate our lunch.

After lunch, about 2pm, we headed back to the PCT with roughly 10 miles to go to hit Parks Creek road, a paved road where we planned to make camp. We arrived at the road around 7pm and saw a few cars in the trailhead parking area. We had dreams of day hikers coming off the trails and sharing their multitude of drinks with us but that turned out to be just dreams as nobody came back to their cars this day. Instead, we set up camp and cooked our meals as usual. There were a few little sprinkles before bed but rains never came. Here is to packing a dry tent in the morning.


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