Day 101: Castella! And Other Places!

With just under 11 miles of downhill and soft trail we had a cruise to get down to Interstate 5. We were packed up and on the trail by 8am and took our first and only real break just after 10am on an unpaved road. After a few snacks, we hit the trail again at 10:30am with just 5.5 miles to go after making good time in our early session. We continued to make good time down the trail and made it to a frontage road before the interstate, where my parents were waiting for us with a car, just before noon.

We gave my parents some smelly hugs and then loaded up the car and headed up to Dunsmuir, where we had a hotel booked for the night. Before checking into the hotel we stopped at Yaks for lunch on the recommendation of my Grandpa. It was a damn tasty burger place with good beer on tap. After we were all fattened up we checked into the motel to start then process of airing out our gear and showering. At 3pm, once this lengthy process had finally concluded, we headed up to Mount Shasta city to hit the laundromat, a grocery store and the gear shop. Marissa wanted to get another pair of socks and some gaiters to keep the rocks out of her shoes. We eventually checked off all those list items and we’re back in Dunsmuir around 5:30pm.

The rest of the evening was spent packing our packs for the upcoming stretch, finding and devouring dinner, and some serious lounging around. On to the next.


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