Day 100: Dodging Poison Oak

We woke up to a dry but still cloudy sky and after packing up out wet tents and making breakfast we were on the trail around 8am. The first thing we did out of Ash Camp was cross over the McCloud River. That was kinda cool for me as my grandpa on my mother’s side lives in McCloud and that river feeds into Shasta Lake which is not far from where I grew up and my parents still live. This was a really cool section of trail both in aesthetic and temperature. The canopy was dense and there was lush greenery all around for most of the day’s hike. The only downside to all the greenery was the copious amounts of poison oak along the trail. We saw plenty of the itchy plant from the McCloud River all the way to camp.

We ate our first mini lunch on an unpaved road at the top of our climb. After that we hiked down 5.5 miles to Squaw Valley Creek and met my grandpa Garvin there for second lunch around 3pm. We had a great visit with grandpa, who brought some snacks and drinks for us. We headed out a bit after 4pm to go the remaining 5.5 miles to our camp. We got to the unpaved road that would serve as our camp for the night at 6:30pm. That leaves just under 11 miles to reach Castella tomorrow, probably just in time for lunch!


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