Day 99: No Town Food Today, We’re at the Movies

We awoke to the sound of rain tapping on our tents. Despite being up around 6am we didn’t start packing up until 7am or so when the rain finally started to let up. By 8am we were finally ready to start hiking and the sky was starting to show a little bit of blue in spots.

We hiked for about 2 hours before reaching an unpaved road near some large power lines. With the sun shining through the clouds we took our first break to air out our tents and ground cover and grab a snack. We also discovered we had cellphone service so Marissa started texting her mother, Sandy, who is staying in Shasta Lake city with my parents. At one point I said, “If they get bored they could come up and find us on a service road and have dinner with us.” This was met with what is quickly becoming a group mantra, “No town food today, we’re at the movies.”

After the rejection set in, we packed up our now dry tents and ground cloth and hiked on. We went another hour and a half or so to get to Deer Creek where we had lunch and filled up our water. From our lunch spot we had about 9.5 miles to go to reach Fitzhugh Gulch Creek where we planned to camp. As we made our way toward camp the thunder started booming loudly overhead and lightning even started to strike close by. The storm was on us.

We scooted down the hill to Ash Camp, 7 miles from our lunch spot, and just got in as the rain started to get heavy. We set up our tents under a good sized oak that shielded us, for the most part, from the brunt of the rain that was now pouring down. That ended our night pretty quick.


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