Day 98: A Comedy of Pack Errors

Today was another 18 miler to get to our camp. We were in cruise mode all morning and got to our lunch spot at the junction for Moosehead Creek by 12pm. After scarfing our lunches and catching some z’s we headed down to the creek to refill our water bags. We needed about 3-4 liters each since we weren’t going far enough to reach the next on trail water in about 14 miles and we didn’t want to walk too far off trail for some of the water spots coming up as they were quite far.

After we got our water and hit the trail we stopped after about 2.5 miles at a great viewpoint to see Mt. Shasta, despite the cloud cover, it was pretty breathtaking. Here is where Marissa decided to start fiddling with her pack. The external frame on her pack is shaped in just such a way that it pokes her in the hip/back area and gets pretty uncomfortable at times. She tried extra padding and that didn’t help so the next idea was to remove the frame and let the pack sit freely. So she removed the frame and we hit the trail again. I was out in front and got to an unpacked road a few miles down the trail. I couldn’t see Pie or Marissa so I sat and waited. They came up a little while after and it was clear they had stopped to mess with her pack some more somewhere in between. Apparently, now the problem wasn’t the frame poking her in the pack or hip but that the top of the pack wasn’t supported correctly and was causing shoulder pain. We tried a plethora of pack adjustments trying to fix this issue but to no avail. Eventually, she just said “eff it” and we hit the trail to go the remaining few miles or so to camp. I have never seen Marissa move so fast in my life. She took a “the faster I walk the less time I have to deal with this pack” approach to the remainder of the day.

After getting to our campsite we set up our tents and cooked dinner. Marissa decided we needed a treat after that pack ordeal and so she busted out her raspberry crumble mountain house. It was enjoyed by all.

Not long after dinner the rain came. We had seen the grey clouds and rain in the distance earlier and it had finally caught up to us since we had stopped moving. It rained for a good portion of the evening, here is hoping the morning is a dry one.


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