Day 97: Marissa’s Big Day

We made plans to meet my aunt and uncle again for breakfast before we all headed out of Burney. The group was up early and at the café by 8am. After a nice breakfast we said our goodbyes to Rob and Veronica and piled into our vehicle to head back to the trail.

By 10am Marissa, Pie and I were back on the trail. We first went about 5.5 miles to a stream where we took a lunch break and gathered water for the second half of the day. Then, it was off another 13 miles or so to where we were going to camp. The hike itself was quite nice, despite a 2000+ foot climb. The temperature was also not as hot as the previous section due to the fact that we had almost complete shade cover from the tall pines and oaks that surrounded us.

We made it to camp a bit before 8pm, which wasn’t too bad considering we did just over 18 miles starting at 10am. Tomorrow we have another 18.5 miles to get to where we are thinking of camping, in order to let Marissa get her distance legs under her. The introduction of a few 10 mile days when Sandy was with us was great for her and Marissa said that she feels a lot better than she thought she would after 18 miles in camp. Hopefully, she will be saying the same thing tomorrow night after doing 2 longer days in a row!


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