Day 95: Burney Falls

After our awesome dinner on the road with my uncle and aunt, Rob and Veronica, I had a pork taco left over for breakfast this morning! I scarfed that down and a clif bar and we were ready to go. The tent was still wet from the night before’s rain but we were able to dry them once they were with my parents. We only had 8 miles to reach highway 299 from camp, where my parents and aunt and uncle would be waiting for us.

We must have been motivated to get there because we knocked out the hike pretty fast. Marissa and I got there about 10:45am and Pie and Sandy were just 15 minutes after that. My parents, Brian and Wendy, and Rob and Veronica, were waiting for us at the road with a full set of chairs in the shade, cold drinks, and sub sandwiches! We ate, drank, and were merry with them until about 12:45pm and then we hit the trail again. Marissa, Pie and I had just 8 miles left to get to Burney Falls State Park while Sandy was all too happy to head back to civilization and grab a shower.

The 3 of us got to Burney Falls at 3:30pm, so just under 3 hours to do 8 miles. We then hiked down to the falls and waited for the others to come meet us. The falls area was jam packed due to the 4th of July holiday so they had a little trouble parking and didn’t meet us until about 4:30pm. After checking out the falls we headed back to our hotel to clean up and then went across the street for a nice steak dinner. Oh the luxuries of town!

Tomorrow we zero in Burney with the family.


One thought on “Day 95: Burney Falls

  1. Happy Fourth of July! Missed you guys. I cut things off before the ygot too out of hand this year. See below this could easily have been Steve….

    Man dies after trying to light firework on his head
    A Maine man died during a Fourth of July celebration on Saturday night when he tried to launch a firework from the top of his head and it exploded, killing him instantly, police said Sunday.


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