Day 94: Sandy’s Big Day

We awoke to the sound of some light rain drops tapping on our tents. It wasn’t a lot of rain and it passed fairly quickly. The grey clouds of the thunderstorm lingered for most of the morning and only just disappeared as we were pulling into our lunch spot around 11:30am. We took our lunch just over 7 miles from camp under a shady tree with a view of the valley below us and Mt. Shasta off in the distance.

After lunch we had just under 5 miles to go to reach Cassel Fall River Road. I texted my aunt, Veronica, to see if she and my uncle, Rob, would be willing to meet us on the road. They are meeting us in town for the 4th of July holiday weekend but we’re heading out to Burney a day early and were already in the area. The prepped pork tacos and filled up a cooler with drinks and watermelon and drove out to meet us. We had a fabulous dinner with them on the side of the road near the trail! I loaded the 2 left over tacos (because there is no such thing as left over tacos) and the last coke in my pack as we were heading back onto the trail after a dinner and visit. We walked maybe a quarter of a mile before we found suitable camping under a power line, where we set up our tents just in time to end the day as it began, with just a slight summer thunderstorm drizzle rapping on our tents.


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