Day 93: Up and Down for Water

We had just over 10 miles to go to our next camp, which is an abandoned lookout tower with just a radio antenna left. We woke up around 6am and after breakfast and a camp breakdown we were out on the trail before 7:30am. We reached our 5 mile area by 10am and took a good long break. The break area was at the trail junction to Lost Creek which we needed to get water from. We started to head down to the water about 11:30am and it was a good descent down to the creek. We finished filtering and climbed back up to our break spot around 12:20 or so.

After the water run we headed on and made it about 2.5 miles before some thunderstorms moved into the area and gave us a thunder and lightening display for a while. We rushed the remaining 2.5 miles to the antenna spot we were planning to camp and quickly set up our tents before the sprinkles could get any worse on us. As soon as we were done setting up the tents, the clouds seemed to part, the sun came out and the temperature rose back up probably 15 degrees. Then we all hung out for the rest of the evening trying to find shade until the sun finally got low enough for the bushes to proved us with it. Tomorrow we go another 10ish.


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