Day 92: Leaving Old Station

We hit the road about 8:30am from Redding. That got us to Old Station just before 10am. We drove up to where the PCT crosses highway 44, thinking that was where Pie would be. We didn’t see him so we backtracked to the small cafe but couldn’t get phone service to track Pie on his tracking device. We went further back to the RV “resort” that has a small convenience store and when we got just to the lot entrance we saw Pie walking around out front. Apparently, he had been there since 8:30 this morning drinking milk shakes!

We scooped him up and headed back to the cafe for a brunch before hitting the trail.  After eating, we headed back down to the RV “resort” where we could pick up the trail from Pie’s leaving off point. We said our goodbyes to my Mother, which were more like “see you laters” since we will see her and a number of my family members out at Burney when we get in. She headed back to Redding in the car and we were off on the trail.

We decided that leaving our packs at the cafe and slack packing the first 4 miles to get back to the highway would be the way to ease into the trail. So that’s what we did! Then we had a delightful second lunch at the cafe before going another 3 miles up to the Hat Creek Vista Point. This was our camp spot for the night. It was only a 7 mile day but a good place with outhouses and some good views. Sandy was happy with the lower mileage first day since we had a little climb, the rest of the days should be really flat or slightly downhill into Burney, also which should be helpful. We have 3 days left to go 31 miles which should be pretty manageable for Sandy given the flatter terrain.


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