Day 91: Last Day in Town

This was set to be our last day in Redding as we would head out to meet Pie in Old Station tomorrow morning. We didn’t really have anything on the agenda but woke up and went to my parents place where my Mother had fresh fruit and coffee cake waiting for us! After breakfast we decided it would be nice to go down to the famous Sundial Bridge spanning the Sacramento River in Redding’s Turtle Bay area. We got down there around 10am and walked across it and down to the river where we dipped our feet in for a quick cool down and watched the Canada Geese float lazily down the river.

After grabbing a tea from the gift shop we headed out to Shasta Dam. My wife and her mother, Sandy, hadn’t been up there before so it was cool to show them a bit of where I am from. We even saw a quote in one of the history books about the dam from my great grandpa who came to the area from the Midwest to work on the dam in the 40’s. 

I started out as a laborer, clearing off the rocks getting ready for the concrete. Then, when I finished I was a sand blaster. (Pay?) Eh, about .75 cents an hour.

-Max Burhle

We all thought that was pretty darn cool! After the dam, we headed back to my parents place where we got our asks ready to go for the next stretch to Burney. Marissa and Sandy are joining us on the trail from Old Station to Burney (Marissa even longer, probably Ashland). We are planning on 4 days of about 10-11 miles to get into Burney on the 4th of July and celebrate the holiday with my family. Burney usually has a fireworks celebration from their highschool, so hopefully they still do that.

Tomorrow, the trail.


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