Day 90: The Wife Arrival

I spent the day running errands with my Mother around town. Unfortunately the errands took a little longer than I thought so I wasn’t able to reconnect with my buddy Adam, who I had dinner with the night before. Just a couple hours after we got done running around town Sandy and Marissa, the wife of Pie (love this pun, btw) and my wife were set to arrive.

My Father and I watched Guardians of the Galaxy as we waited and just as the movie credits began to roll they pulled up. It was so very nice to see my lovely wife again and to know I would get to spend the next month with her. It’s been just about a month since we had seen each other, and that’s a long time! We will hangout in town tomorrow and get our packs ready to go. There is no reason to rush over to Old Station since Pie spent the better part of 2 days with me and my illness he will be a little delayed getting there. We will head over the morning of the 1st and see how close he is, but we will probably start hiking that afternoon for a few miles. For now, I will enjoy the day I have with my wife and family!


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