Day 84: Bum Shoulder

I woke up this morning feeling pretty achy in my left shoulder. Every once in a while it gets tight or sore, like maybe I slept on it weird the night before. However, today it was the worst it had ever been. I could barely lift my left arm above my head and couldn’t do so without pain. Sometimes, when I have my pack on and take a deep breath it catches and I am not able to get a full breath. I am not sure what is the issue here, could be a rib thing under my left arm or the shoulder itself but either way it hurt me pretty good today.

Despite all that nonsense we still managed to make our miles. We were hoping to go 21 miles to Alder Spring, which is near a paved forest service road. We made it to the spring by 5:30pm even with my struggles with the shoulder. I am hoping that an early turn in, good night’s rest and the shoulder will feel better in the morning.


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